The Bibliolog Network

The Bibliolog-Network has made it its task to promote the method of Bibliolog, to develop it and to safeguard the standards of this approach to biblical texts. In a concrete sense that encompasses:


  • organising and coordinating Bibliolog courses
  • qualifying and recognising trainers
  • issuing certificates for training in Bibliolog
  • fostering contacts among Bibliologists
  • offering symposia,
  • expanding the Bibliolog platform
  • advancing Bibliolog internationally.


Anyone who has completed a basic Bibliolog course can be a member of the network.

Members receive:

  • access to an internal area (-> online-platform of the network) with its collection of Bibliologs , placed there by participants, with worksheets, discussion forum, articles and publications about Bibliolog,
  • twice a year a newsletter with up-to-date information and suggestions regarding practical issues pertaining to Bibliolog,
  • reduced fee for participation at Bibliolog symposia.

The annual membership fee for the Bibliolog-Network runs to Euro 15.


Should you wish to join as member, please send us an email:

or write to:
Studienzentrum für evangelische Jugendarbeit in Josefstal e.V.

(Study Centre for  Youth Work at Josefstal e.V.)
Aurachstr. 5, D-83727 Schliersee
Tel.: +49 8026/9756-0 or 24 / Fax: +49 8026/9756-50

Please, provide us with the following information:

Name, address, and preferably an email-address

and at the same time deposit the annual fee of Euro 15 into the membership-account of the Bibliolog Network:

For international transfers, please use:
IBAN: DE 10711525700012109674 SWIFT-BIC: BYLADEM1MIB





Online-Platform of the Bibliolog Network

Whoever has completed a basic Bibliolog course, can become a member of the Bibliolog Network (see information about the Network) and in turn receives a personalised access to the online-platform of the Network.

Pfeil2011   Online-Platform of the Bibliolog Network

      (Access only for members with own login)


Here the trainers of the Bibliolog Network, who have completed their training, can login and list their Bibliolog courses or edit them. For this you need a user name and a password. If trainers do not have their personalised login-data as yet, they have to register first. If you wish to ask for the documents for registration, trainers will send an email to: